24 April 2019 – Sydney, Australia – Day 3 – Royal Botanic Gardens & Opera House

As per our usual habits, once we find a place we like to eat, we stick to it. Off to Starbucks again this morning to grab some breakfast, which worked perfectly as we are off to the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Opera House, both in that direction.

We always seem to find something new and amusing to us.

Looks like a portable news stand. Something we would see in a movie.

And a portable fruit stand.

I have no idea why I looked over this wall, that was by the train tracks, but I did, and was shocked to see all these bikes thrown here. To me, the look like the bikes that you would rent from the city to ride around on for the day.

Is this a stone graveyard? Looks like a stone graveyard. Random stones discarded, but not disposed of.

We arrived at the Royal Botanic Gardens and went in what I think is a side entrance. Don’t recall any signs saying where we were.

Sorry to say, but the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney are a very pale comparison to the gardens in Singapore and didn’t get many great pictures.

This was a cool tree though.

They certainly have an issue with bugs eating some of their plants here. Good to see that they aren’t using insecticides though.

These must be a couple of the culprits.

This guy was making a racket in the bamboo trees. A Kookaburra! Such a beautiful looking bird. Not sure if the Aussies would think so though, as they can be pretty noisy.

From the Botanic Gardens grounds, there was certainly an amazing view of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I asked Doug is he wanted to do the bridge climb, but it was a hard “NO”!

We headed over to the Sydney Opera House which is very close to the gardens. It was difficult to get a good picture, as the sun was shining so brightly today. Have I mentioned lately how hot and humid it is? Well it isn’t! Not like SE Asia was. This is April and Australia’s fall. It was perfect weather for us and we were still in our shorts.

We did not go in it, as neither of us were interested in doing that. Maybe if Sydney had of been at the start of our trip we would have been interested in doing a tour, but not today. Next time…..maybe. Just like we didn’t get any pictures from the water side as we didn’t do a boat trip either. Next time for sure! This was the best I got for water side.

We walked along the Sydney Harbour boardwalk? I actually have no idea what this area is called.

Trying out the fish eye lens again today. I often forget I have it.

A P&O cruise ship was in port today.

Had to get this picture of the girl taking pictures of their food. Doug always thought it was weird that I take pictures of our food. I told him, some people like to see the food. Others, not so much. She was going for a real close up.

As we headed back to the hotel, we walked back through a different park of the Botanic Gardens.

We just headed back in the general direction of the hotel taking what ever street caught my fancy.

Public Library of New South Wales
Sydney Hospital

I just loved the name of this café, Legal Grounds Café

We decided to change things up today and grabbed KFC for dinner. It was HORRIBLE and so GREASY!!! Worst KFC we have ever had. My chicken fingers were the smallest I have ever seen.

Good thing we had picked up a couple of small bottles, single serving size, of Shiraz for Doug and a Cooler for me. Another quiet night in our room, me working on our blog and Doug watching whatever.

22 April 2018 – Travel Day – Brisbane to Sydney, Australia – Day 1

No sleeping in today as we had a morning flight to Sydney, Australia. We all piled into Kim’s SUV and headed for the Domestic Terminal at the Brisbane airport. Got all checked in and through security.

You know what we found was really weird here? Bruce, Kim and Erin were allowed to accompany us all the way to the Departure Gate! We all enjoyed a coffee and breakfast together in the airport waiting for our boarding time.

It had been so great catching up with old friends and we really hope to see them again sometime. Thank you Bruce & Kim for your wonderful hospitality. We all waved goodbye to each other, with Kim and Erin giving Doug their special wave, which he returned with a big grin. Both Kim and Doug text with their middle fingers, so it became their special sign.

We were off to Sydney. We will be back to Brisbane one day! BEWARE!

We landed in Sydney around noon and grabbed a taxi to our hotel. We are staying at Rydges World Square, 389 Pitt Street.

We got all checked in, dropped our luggage off and decided we would head down to the Circular Quay and cruise port area to check it out.

Here are a few pictures that I took on our way to the cruise port area. There is lots of amazing architecture. Both old and new. I may have taken a few pictures.

We made it to the cruise port area and the Royal Caribbean ship, Explorer of the Seas was in port.

Had a great view of the Sydney Opera House from over here, but we will go over there another day.

We continued to wander around. Just took whatever street took our fancy at that moment.

We wandered into a large building and stumbled upon a food court on the 5th floor. After checking out all of the offerings, we decided to get Mexican. It was quite good. If you can’t tell yet, we are not ones for fancy sit down restaurants. Takes too much time and I don’t see the sense of spending all the money for food that I probably won’t be that crazy about. Take out Mexican was perfect.

On our way back we spied a Woolworths Store. We use to have these stores when I was growing up. We didn’t go in it, but the sign says Woolworths the fresh food people, so I am guessing it is a grocery store over here and not a department store, like we had.

Stopped at a small store and I spied these Cheetos – IMPORT !!!! They cost a small fortune, but oh my, they were so worth it. The Cheetos that are made on this side of the world have a totally different taste. Not one that I was too fond of.

We headed back to our hotel as we wanted to do some hand laundry. Why did we not do laundry at Bruce’s house? I have no idea why not. Probably, because we never thought about it at the time. Just relaxed and enjoyed some tv for the rest of the night.