8 April, 2018 – Kuta, Bali – Day 5 – Still Not Working

Nothing planned for today. We were going to walk back to the downtown area of Kuta and see if we could get some money. Walked along the water and saw these people flying a kite. Perfect weather for kite flying.

Tried the bank machines from the other day and Doug was able to get Cdn $50 from one machine. After that it appeared that his card had stopped working also. With our whopping $50 in hand we stopped in Starbucks for a couple of cold ones. Had to laugh at how they labeled the coffees. Mr Joan and Mrs Joan.

We browsed around the mall for a bit enjoying the air conditioning.

Headed outside to check out the area and found a strip of bank machines on the street, but none of them would work for either of us.

One of my favorite restaurants, but we did not go in. We need to come back here one day.

Saw these cool stools at an outdoor bar.

We each bought a t-shirt and then decided it we would head back to our hotel and enjoy the afternoon there.

Once we got back to our end of town, we tried the bank machines near us. Doug was able to get Cdn $50, but of course mine still did not work. We asked Paden if he could stop by the bank, speak with them and try to get my card working. Thank goodness everyone at our branch knew we were traveling and knew me quite well. He said he would go tomorrow after work. Please let them be able to help us.

We needed to relax and it was time that we put our feet in the ocean here on Bali.

That was enough ocean time and we headed back to the pool.

After all it was Happy Hour at the pool bar.

We had a few drinks or more, and a delicious Crispy Chicken Wrap. The same meal we had had the other day at the pool bar. It really was good. Good thing we could charge it all to our room and pay by VISA when we were going to check out.

We stayed in the pool until the sun went down and really relaxed.

After our long pool time we headed over to Flavaz to get some dessert. The apple crumble pie and ice cream were yummy and hit the spot.

The hotel had set up for a private party, with all kinds of food and entertainment. We headed back to our room around 7:30 pm. Late night for us!

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