21 March 2018 – Sihanoukville – Day 2 – Will it Rain?

I had a great sleep last night. Probably because I was exhausted and may have taken a sleeping pill. I needed sleep. Woke up feeling like a new person. Headed to breakfast by the river. Breakfast was great. Coffee was dark looking but had a medium taste. Good enough to enjoy a second cup.Mar 21-1Mar 21-2

The water in the river is a little low but that allowed us to observe tadpoles slithering around. Dunk themselves in the water and back onto the mud. It was quite entertaining.IMG_4970

Saw a few different birds but the Kingfishers were just stunning. An indigo blue colour from the back. It’s as if they knew I was trying to take their pictures as they just wouldn’t let me get a good one.Mar 21-3

A few locals were ‘fishing’. He would bonk the fish with his machete type instrument and then throw the fish to his buddy standing on the bridge. A talent I would think not many possess.Mar 21-4 After breakfast we did some hand laundry.

IMG_4985So hot here we are hoping it will dry…..turned out it’s too humid and not drying. There was rain in the forecast for 10:00 am. Didn’t happen but some dark clouds all day. Guess we’ll be packing some wet clothing tomorrow as it’s another travel day. Sihanoukville was really only a place to stop to arrange the ferry. Turned into a great place to work on our blog as their wifi actually works. Hadn’t been able to upload photos for a few days. Took a few photos of the ‘resort’

Mar 21-5We headed out to walk the beach. If we went right it would take us along Ochheuteal Beach and into town. The resort owner, Gerald told us this morning that going left would take us to Otres Beach and was a shorter walk. We opted for the shorter beach to start with. Cambodia along with many SE Asia countries just don’t realize just how beautiful their country is. Garbage EVERYWHERE! Just disgusting.Mar 21-6As you get closer to the restaurants and accommodations, the beach was much cleaner, but definitely not clean by North American standards. It is such a shame. Take a week and clean it all up and this would be a true Paradise.Mar 21-7We stopped at The Bamboo Restaurant & Bar to enjoy a beverage and just take in some of the scenery.  Maybe to relax a little too.Mar 21-8

We took a different route on the way back and discovered what seemed to be a little ‘resort’ at the top of the hill.  Mar 21-9They even had what looked very similar to Canada Geese.Mar 21-10

So Our blog name is Old & Lost. We just had a great chuckle this afternoon as Doug is watching the series Lost on Netflix…….OLD (Doug) & LOST (Netflix series). Doesn’t take much to amuse us! LOL. The time we are spending here is rest time.  We really need it.

We enjoyed some delicious Spring Rolls and a couple glasses of wine.  Later we headed back to the restaurant to enjoy dinner by the river.

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