3 April 2018 – Singapore – Day 5 – Gardens by the Bay

Our plans for today were to walk back to Gardens by the Bay and tour the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. We are certainly getting our steps in, here in Singapore. This city is just so beautiful. Will definitely need to come back here one day. So much to see on the way. Some of the tunnels were painted with murals.

They had these informative signs around. Tourists can’t say “we didn’t know!”

Passed by lots of restaurants, but these guys caught my eye, even if I am not a big seafood fan. They were HUGE, I think.

We saw many statues all around Singapore, but I thought this one in particular was just so whimsical. I am sure that there was probably a sign around somewhere telling people NOT to jump in the river.

First Generation Sculpture at Boat Quay, outside of the Fullerton Hotel made in 2000 by the artist Chong Fat Cheong
The Bird by Fernando Botero, is located in Boat Quay, outside the United Overseas Bank (UOB) by the riverfront at Raffles Place, Singapore.

Never get tired of seeing this view.

A few more random pictures of buildings and artwork around. It was everywhere.

We cut through the same hotel as we had cut through last night and saw this. They think of everything over here. They are plastic umbrella bags to keep the water from dripping off your umbrellas on to the floors everywhere. Seemed to be free of charge.

We were heading to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel to check out the upper levels. The view from the observation deck, Level 57 on the roof was amazing.

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest buildings, Supertree Grove
Art Science Museum (top left), The Merlion (top right), The Float@Marina Bay (bottom right), Singapore Flyer (bottom right),
Central Business District behind us

Since we had paid to go up were we allowed to go into the Cé La Vi bar for a drink. Not an inexpensive place, but had to do it at least once since we were in Singapore.

We were able to catch a glimpse of the roof top pool of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. I can’t imagine paying the prices for this place and having a pool this crowded.

We headed over to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest and bought our tickets. This place is absolutely breathtaking. If you ever get to Singapore and you like plants of any sort, this place is a must. I took hundreds of photos in here. Actually for the whole day I took 786 photos! In one day!

The cactus area of the gardens.

Here are just a few of the many, many art pieces in the gardens.

This was the walkway that I went up on and the view below was spectacular. If I recall correctly, it is the Lost World or maybe this is the Cloud Forest or maybe it is the Lost World in the Cloud Forest? I have no idea what it was called! But it was breathtaking.

The blossoms were phenomenal and plentiful. This is only a few of them.

The cherry blossoms were magnificent.

We caught the MRT from the hotel to a Fort Canning, which is the station nearest our hotel. We are pros at this now, now that we are leaving tomorrow. This will be hard to believe but we grabbed dinner at the hotel’s bake & cook takeaway café. Tonight however, we ate in the courtyard.

Time to pack up for our trip to Bali, Indonesia tomorrow.

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