6 – 8 February 2018 – Travel Day – OMG

We were up at 2:30 AM as we had to be at the airport 2-3 hours before our first flight which was at 6 AM to Detroit.

Checkin went smoothly as did security and USA customs. We were officially on our way. Plane was delayed approximately 1 hour for take off due to de-icing and plowing of the runways. Yup it was snowing just for a change! We had lots of time between flights so no problems there.

Made it to Detroit where we now had a 2 hour wait before boarding., so we decided to grab some breakfast.The tunnel in the Detroit airport which goes from one terminal to another.

We had purchased premium class seats for the Detroit to Seoul leg of the trip since it was a 14 hour flight. As we got to our seats we were greeted with a choice of a glass of orange juice or a glass of champagne. I opted for the champagne. Have to say it was good!

All the food was delicious and placed on our trays on top of mini tablecloths. Even had little salt & pepper shakers. The wine flowed freely in this section for sure and the stewardesses made sure your glass was never empty. Can you tell we are used to flying in the economy cheap section? Movie selection was plentiful but I can’t even remember what I watched nowFlight was long….over 14 hours but we both managed to survive it somehow with just a few little catnaps here and there. Before we knew it (not really) we were in Seoul, South Korea

We had close to a 4 hour layover in Seoul which actually ended up being longer since our plane was delayed arriving in Seoul which in turn made our arrival in Bangkok even later than the scheduled 00:20 on Thursday, 8 February. We finally arrived in Bangkok sometime after 1:00 am. after departing Ottawa at 6:00 am Tuesday morning and 30 hours in the air. The line for immigration was INSANE. There must have been at least 1000 people in front of us. I think it took us over an hour to get through it and the line never shortened behind us. We gathered our travel backpacks and headed out to catch a taxi to our hotel, Tara Place Hotel. Grabbing a taxi proved to be more difficult than one would imagine. No one spoke English out there but we finally figured out that you had to go to a machine that listed the size of taxi you wanted and push the button. It then spit out a piece of paper with the slot number of your taxi. We got number 30 and headed to it. Taxi ride was uneventful and we arrived at the hotel around 3:15 am. They drive on the wrong side of the road here, the left side.

Check in at the hotel was a breeze. They even knew who we were. Guess not too many guests were left to check in tonight. I think we finally got to bed around 4:00 am Thursday morning.

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