27 March 2018 – Kuala Lumpur – Day 3 – Central Market

Kuala Lumpur has so many places to see.  Where to start?  We wanted to see the Central Market and I had a list of a few temples.  We decided we would walk.  Good old maps.me in use again. I swear that maps.me always takes us the longest and most touristy routes.  Today’s route took us through Chinatown.  We even saw a license plate with Canada on it. The red spikey fruit is rambutan.  Very similar to a lychee nut once peeled.  We had had them in Vietnam last year.

Canada license plate –> top right photo

After what seemed like hours, but in reality wasn’t, we finally made it to the Central Market.

Saw some interesting things, but couldn’t buy anything as we only have our backpacks. No room for many souvenirs. Some items are expensive, but the hair and nail studio prices were cheap compared to Canadian prices. For a gel manicure it was RM 60.00 = Cdn $18.79 A cut/wash/iron, really iron? Hope they mean curling iron, was RM45.00 = Cdn $14.09

And then there are those stores where they really should hire someone to proofread their work. Picture is a little blurry but I had to include it. Guess I was laughing to much to keep the camera steady.

Doug decided to make lunch for us. LOL We did have lunch here, but again I have no pictures of it for some reason. It was a large food court with lots of ‘strange’ foods. Always hard for me to find food to eat, as I am such a picky eater.

You have to pay to use the washrooms, .50 RM = $ Cdn $0.16 Not much to us, but I guess it adds up for them.

Our bellies full, we headed out to find the temples. According to maps.me they shouldn’t be too far , but we all know how that goes at times. On our way we found this pedestrian shopping mall. There was a lot of stuff there! Apparently it is a great place to purchase knock off labeled merchandise. We’re not interested in that stuff.

We finally found one of the temples on my list. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, which is the oldest Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur, dating back to 1873. However, this is a new structure that was build in 1968.

Just our luck. The temple was closed. Thank goodness it was 3:50 pm and we only had 10 minutes to wait. That is 10 minutes Malaysian time!

Once we were admitted, and I don’t mean to the loony bin, I have to say that this place was beautiful. I just love the colours of this temple. A lot of interesting information can be found on this temple. Too much to include in this blog.

The 5-tiered gopuram (tower) on the gates is the tallest structure in the temple and is a 75 feet high pyramid-shaped gate tower that is decorated with depictions of Hindu gods.

On to the next temple, which turned out to be just down the street.

It still amazes me as to how there are old temples surrounded by new architecture.

Walked a little ways, and came across Petaling Street, which we decided to go down and take a look.

We decided to walk back. What were we thinking? Not only hazardous, a lot of it was uphill. Even these small inclines seem mountainous at this point in the day.

After resting up for a while, we headed out again to find some dinner. We ended up back at the Pavilion Mall and this time discovered a huge food court on level l, which was actually down one level from the entrances to the mall. There were all my favorites; Cold Stone Creamery, Pizza Hut, Krispy Kream, to name a few and Asian food. We WILL be back! SPAM is everywhere! I think it must be as popular as Oreos are.

While out searching for dinner, we came upon this alley/street. Yesterday there had been 2 people painting it. It looks finished now. I have noticed there are a lot of items painted here. Lots of staircases and even escalators.

So we decided on chicken shawarma sandwiches again for dinner tonight. Told you all that I am not too adventurous in the food department. We did try a new place though. They were good, but still not as tasty as what I get back home. We took them back to our room again to eat and called it a night. We were exhausted. I had put 14,020 steps on my Fitbit today.

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