1 April 2018 – Singapore – Day 3 – Singapore Botanic Gardens

Today was the day we were going to the Botanic Gardens.  It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and I was really looking forward to this, as I love to garden. Couldn’t wait to check out all the varieties of plants there would be. We were becoming pros at taking public transport now and headed off to get the MRT.

Admission was free, except for the National Orchid Garden. Of course, I had to see the orchid garden too.

When you first enter, you find yourself in the Trellis Garden. Shade is always welcomed to us in this hot climate.

The Bougainvilleas were just stunning. So many of them, all colours and all sizes. These are one of my favorite plants.

There was a Foliage Garden with so many varieties. Not sure about this foliage, but the ‘flowers’ sure were fabulous.

They had an Evolution Garden with some primo displays.

When I was 10, I had to get my tonsils out, and the ENT doctor called me “Bees Knees” for some reason.  I have no idea why, but always remember that. Saw this sign and of course I thought of the ENT doctor. The random things I remember. We went in and had a non-alcoholic drink and a rest. I thought for sure that I had taken pictures, but once again can’t seem to find them. Maybe I am getting confused as we have been to so many places now. I definitely do remember the washrooms though as you had to walk up a staircase to get to them! Have to chuckle at their sign, Free Seating Cafe. Maybe I’m tired, but that makes me laugh.

You never know what you might see! This lady had curlers in her hair and was getting her makeup done. We have often seen photo shoots while over here in SE Asia.

We headed up to the Boardwalk through Rainforest.

That is one spikey tree that I wouldn’t want to climb!

The Orchid garden was stunning. So many varieties.

There was a special section inside, VIP Orchids

In memory of Diana, Princess of Wales.

I must have taken hundreds of photos today, so here are just a few more.

We were getting tired and decided to head back. We did not see the whole Botanic Gardens, but most of it.

We took the MRT back to hotel and wanted to make a pit stop at the 7 Eleven. We should have known better than to do this. It started to absolutely pour down. Seems to rain every day around 4:00 pm. Doesn’t rain for long, but can sometimes be inconvenient, if you are out and about! Here is a random sign from the MRT

Since it was pouring down, we decided to try out a ‘shortcut’ through underground garage to get to hotel. It was a little up and down, but we made it, and we didn’t get soaked.

Once again we decided to eat dinner in the hotel at the bake & cook. The lady was getting to know us by now and gave us a couple of free Hot Cross Buns. They were delicious! We ate in our room tonight as we were pretty exhausted from our day.

That is our room. The only one with a light on, as I guess everyone else is still out and about. We old folks turn in early. A goodnight wave from Doug.

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