26 February 2018 – Koh Phi Phi – Day 2 – Up to Paradise

Today we thought we would walk around the island. I really wanted to go to the other side to see the beaches over there and it is possible to walk around the whole island. We headed down for breakfast which is included and I have to say I love that. No searching for food. Breakfast was pretty good but the eggs had a funny taste IMHO. I think it was the margarine or whatever they put in the frypans.

After breakfast we headed to the front desk to see if they had a map. Map in hand we decided to head up to the lookout as it was just around the corner from our hotel. This is also the evacuation area in case of earthquakes and tsunamis.

Little did we know! We got to the bottom of the steps and looked up. There must have been a hundred steps. Turned out that was just the beginning of a VERY STEEP climb up.

Hundreds of stairs, steep paths and many breaks later we made it to Lookout #1. The view from here was spectacular as were the gardens.

There was a sign pointing to Lookout #2 and another stating that you would have to pay 30 baht ($0.80 Cdn) each before getting to Lookout #2. No big deal.

This turned out to be a continuous steep uphill climb. I have to say I am happy that I did it as it is the most breathtaking view I have ever seen. The pictures do not do it justice. I could have sat up there all day. I even got to see a monkey.

The trek down was slow and steep but much easier than going up. There were very few hand rails along this path. Could have used a few more.

By now it was afternoon and we were pretty exhausted so decided to hit the pool. So much for our hike around the island. Found out afterwards by looking at Maps.me that to get to the other beach we needed to hike up this hill again, but even further before descending on the other side of the island. Needless to say that most likely won’t happen. We enjoyed a great afternoon in the pool and the swim up bar. Meet a great couple from Burlington, ON who have been traveling since November and will return to Canada in time for Easter.

Our resort during the day and at night. I have never seen so many beautiful flowers and bonsai trees.

This evening we decided we would eat at a place called Garlic 1992. We had looked at the menu yesterday and it seemed reasonable and good choices. Place is really busy. This island had a fire 6 February 2018 (the day we left Canada) and a few restaurants, hostels and businesses burnt to the ground. This was one of the restaurants that had burned. We knew about the fire before we got here as we had met two guys earlier in our travels who had been staying at the hostel that burned. They were left with only their clothes they were wearing that day. So sad. After seeing the area we are amazed that they were able to contain it in such a small area. Can’t imagine the devastation that could have been. Anyways our meal was pretty good. I had chicken pad Thai and Doug had Green Curry Seafood. It had shrimp, fish, octopus and even eel in it. GROSS! He really enjoyed it.

Later on we headed back out to look around the market. This is down near the pier. On the left it is a restaurant that overlooks the water.

A cool restaurant that is also up a couple of flights of stairs. Everything here is built up. They have these buckets of drinks you can purchase and then you mix your own in it. Everything needed comes in the bucket.

Grabbed a coconut ice cream on the way back to our hotel. Expensive but tasty.

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