16 February 2018 – Chiang Mai – Day 5 – Unexpected River Cruise

Today is our last day in Chiang Mai before we head to Pai tomorrow and we have nothing planned for today so we figured we would walk down over the bridge, over the big river just to see what was on the other side. My look at those ‘balls!’ I have no idea what either tree is but, the first might be a Jackfruit.

We came across the biggest banana tree I have ever seen and I have seen plenty. Not only does this one have hundreds of bananas it had some amazing blooms opening. Once a tree has finished producing its bananas it dies and and child banana tree grows from the mother’s roots.

These banana bunches were probably 4 feet in length at least.

We crossed over the bridge but there wasn’t much in the other side so headed back. We did see a boat cruise sailing down the river so thought we would see if we could find where that was and what it was all about. Took us a little bit to find it as it was a ways down the river. The boat dock was actually inside the grounds of a temple. Where else would it be? LOL. Since there was a temple of course I had to have a look.

I could not enter the temples as I as not properly dressed but I did manage to take a few through openings. Inside one of the buildings a Monk was performing some type of ceremony with these girls.

We also noticed many people coming down to to dock next to the cruise tour dock and releasing young pigeons into flight and eels into the waters. Really not sure what it was all about but they seemed to say some prayer first and then release.

They had different pieces of this furniture scattered around. I would love to own it and have it all refinished.

We signed up for the river boat cruise. It would take us about 8 km along the river to what they called the Farmers House. This was a small area where they grew organic fruits, vegetables and many herbs and spices. The area was amazing. The guide pointed out some of the herbs and told us what medicinal properties they had. Starting to think there is something to herbal medicine.

We all got to enjoy some fruit and herbal teas. The pineapple was all carved out and the pieces just slid out. It looked like there was also a full restaurant there. The decor was amazing.

The ladies washroom sinks were carved out of tree trunks as were the men’s urinals.

The tables were old doors. I think everything had been recycled.

Once again you could see both the wealth and the poverty along the river. So many of these people have so little. Most always seem to be working and it really looks like a hard life. We have so much that it really makes you think. We are doing our best for their economy by giving good tips by their standards. Not sure if we mentioned it before but we did over tip in one place which seemed to stir up a lot of activity by the staff, but have now got a better grip on our tipping.

We took a new route back to our hotel and I bought a shawl to keep in our backpack so that I would be properly dressed. Grabbed a cup of my new Starbucks addiction. This has my name written on in. I thought it was pretty cool.

Took a few pictures to show how they tear down the night market every night and then set it up again the next evening. So much work.

Tonight we went to see the moat all lite up. I was hoping the fountains would be flowing and lit but they weren’t.

Had dinner at our favourite breakfast place and called it a night. Tomorrow is a travel day.

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