4 March 2018 – AoNang to Koh Samui, Thailand – Travel Day

Today was a travel day. After breakfast we headed to the airport.

We flew from Krabi, Thailand to the island Koh Samui, Thailand.

The flight was less than an hour but since we flew with Bangkok Air we got a meal. Not to sure what it was but it was pretty good. Almost like a pesto. I tried the purple stuff. It was definitely mixed with coconut milk but I only had a taste. Didn’t want to push my luck.

Some beautiful views out the airplane window.

The airport in Koh Samui was like landing in the middle of Disney’s Polynesian Resort. It was so beautiful. Lush plants everywhere and totally open to the outside.

Got a taxi from the airport to our hotel, COSI Samui Resort. It only opened in December 2017 so should be in good condition. It’s a cool hotel from what we saw today. Technology integrated. So it says. Located right beside Central Festival Mall (and a Starbucks).

We went in search of food. And you thought this was water! Nope it’s gasoline for the scooters.

Did a bit of sight seeing.

Checked out a few restaurants and decided to eat at The Kitchen Restaurant and Bistro. Menu looked good and it was close to our hotel. Food was okay but a little pricey by our cheap standards. This is the first place that I have noticed tax and service fee being added to the bill. Doug had Tom Yam Khung and I think I had Khao Ob Sapparot.

After dinner we took a short walk to the beach just to see where it was. Found these two. This is the type of lizard that was under the stairs the other day.

The beach was very long with lots of hotel, bars and restaurants. A real tourist place. We would walk the beach some other day. The sun was starting to go down. Almost time for us to head back to our hotel.

Saw these pots drying. The looked cool.

Then ran into a couple of old friends on our way back.

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