16 April 2018 – Kuta, Bali, Indonesia – Round 2 – Day 2 – Our Happy Place

Today, we decided we really needed to buy a few gifts/souvenirs for people back home. We had been gone 2 1/2 months and bought nothing other than a few t-shirts for ouselves. So we headed back to the Discovery Mall in downtown Kuta. We spied this beautiful butterfly/moth on the ground. Not sure if it was dead or resting, but guessing dead, since it seems to be belly up.

The ocean was a little rough today, with waves coming way up and over the rocks and path. Tide was definitely in.

We purchased a few items from the market inside the mall and from the outdoor market that we found. Of course had to stop and have our ‘usual’ from Starbucks. Vanilla Ice Lattés. Saw a march or parade of some sort going on.

Took a gander at Bubba Gump again, but once again we weren’t hungry and it was still morning. Not even sure if it was open yet. Really, really need to come back here.

School was just being let out and kids were flowing out. All the schools seem to have school uniforms. At least the ones we saw did. Lots being picked up by their parents on scooters. Lots of hydro lines here also.

Strolled back to our hotel and saw lots of surfers out today. Guess it must have been a good surf day. All the rough waters we saw earlier today seemed to have calmed down some.

Tide was out now. What a difference.

After all our exercise, we noticed it was Happy Hour time. Guess where we headed? Yup to the pool bar. Had to snap a few more flower pictures today. Seems like I am always finding new ones. The ones on the right are Bouganvillea and they are everywhere here. Back home they are so expensive to buy.

Laundry day AGAIN! Always seems to be laundry day, but we had a great spot to hang it to dry.

We headed back to the restaurant tonight and had a table by the edge again. Tonight’s menu looked like it had been retrieved from the garbage as it was so crinkled up.

Eating in the restaurant gives a great view, but the poor little cat came back and makes me so sad. Tonight there were 2 cats. The little guy once again got most of my meat from the cheese steak sandwich. Doug had green curry and therefore could not share with the cat.

The mean man sitting at the table next to us, just kept kicking the cats away. It broke my heart sitting here. This is partially why we had so many of our meals at the pool bar.

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