13 April 2018 – Gili Trawangan, Indonesia – Day 2 – Lazy Day – Boring Island

Today was Friday the 13th and we were awoken with the Call to Prayer at 0500 hrs!!!!!

We had been warned about this by Paden. It sure wakes a person up quickly. Broadcast across the whole island and turned out our hotel was not far from where it was broadcast from. Extra loud for us.

Breakfast was included and so we ordered breakfast. Not a lot of choice, but it was okay.

The resident cat made her appearance. What a softie. She quickly became our breakfast buddy.

We headed back to the beach area, once again in search of the Blue Water Express office. We had decided we didn’t want to stay on this island for the full 4 nights that we had booked. We just weren’t feeling this island. Thought we would head back to Kuta a day early and spend that extra day there.

One of the streets we had to walk down. Once off the main road, most seemed to be like this.

We passed the school on our way back onto the main road.

Back on the main road, we found a little café and ordered smoothies and banana bread. This place was busy and all the tables inside were full, so outside in the heat is where we sat.

Found the medical center. Sure hope we don’t need them, but good to know that there is at least one on the island.

The beaches that we had seen so far, that looked nice to sunbath on and go into the water, were full of boats. Really ruined it.

There were a few nice areas of beach, but not sure how you scored a lounger on them.

This place, restaurant/bar, whatever it was, was definitely NOT for us.

Back at our hotel we sat around the pool in a couple of the loungers and enjoyed a cold Bintang. This had now become our favourite beer. Pool had been cleaned up and looked so much better now. We managed an hour out there and just had to go inside. Couldn’t take the heat anymore.

EDIT: OMG Just had a good laugh. Looked at the picture and realized that I was drinking a Smirnoff Ice and not Bintang. Doug had the Bintang I guess.

Later on we headed out to get pizza. This place had been recommended to us by Paden. At least we think this was the place. We had checked it out this morning, but I have to say that it looked much better later on in the dim light.

Pizza was decent. Photographer, a little blurry!

Our walk back to our hotel. I did not enjoy this in the dark.

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