18 April 2018 – Travel Day – Bali, Indonesia to Brisbane, Australia – Day 1

Today was a big travel day, as we were leaving SE Asia and heading to Australia. We had booked with Jetstar Airlines and had never flown with them before. We had an early afternoon flight, so didn’t have to get up at any obscene hour to get to the airport. Plus our hotel was less than 20 minutes from the airport. Everything went smoothly and we got all checked in.

You have to apply for your Australian Visa before you get there. At least we did and that was done, paid for and approved months ago online. The cost was AUS $20.00 which was less than CAN $20.00 The approval for mine took 20 seconds. Doug’s on the other hand took twenty or so minutes. Still fast compared to the countries where we had to take passport, pictures, forms and money into the embassies. At least we live in a city, where most of the embassies are located.

Boarding was supposed to be at 12:15, so we had time to look around the airport. Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport is not a big airport, but then Ottawa International Airport is not big either.

Orchid Display

The flight from Bali, Indonesia to Brisbane, Australia takes a little over 6 hours. The flight was very uneventful and we landed in Brisbane approximately 8:15 pm. There is a 2 hour time difference between Bali and Brisbane. I was really slacking off and took no pictures of our food, or did we even get fed? Who knows now?

We were being met by my cousin Susan and her husband Joe. They had moved to Australia quite a few years ago from the UK. The last time I had seen them, I was in my very, very early twenties. Just a few years ago. Thank goodness for social media, otherwise we may never have known who to look for. Recognized them right away and it was a great reunion. We were staying with them, at their son’s Paul house in Samford Valley, just northwest of Brisbane. It was a great relaxing drive back to the house. Paul’s house is amazing and I have to share a picture of the floors. I absolutely fell in love with them.

Doug was asked if he would like a glass of wine? Of all the wines out there and available in Australia, it turned out that Joe was quite fond of Shiraz and that is what he had in stock tonight. That is also Doug’s favorite. They had a bond forever now.

The rest of the night, we spent drinking a glass or two or more of wine and catching up into the wee hours. It was absolutely wonderful, but time for bed.

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