10 March 2018 – Travel Day – Koh Phaghan back to Koh Samui, Thailand

Woke up this morning to cloudy skies. We have had other cloudy mornings but they clear up and it gets hot and humid. Today was the first time since we got here, 8 February, that we had rain.

And did it rain! Just before we needed to leave to walk to the pier for our ferry back to Koh Samui. Good thing we have rain covers for our backpacks. Out they came and on they went. Absolutely poured down for about 10 minutes, then cleared up and got hotter and more humid, if possible, just as we were about to head to the pier. It was great though that the rain stopped and we did not get wet. We could see the clouds rolling in over the island as we sped across the Gulf of Thailand.

Ferry ride was fast, rough and great. They sure pile the luggage. Doug and the guy beside him had to keep pushing the bags back with their feet as the rough waves were sliding some of the bags around.

We were lucky and got a taxi as soon as we disembarked the ferry. Taxi driver tried to unload us at the wrong hotel, Combo Hotel, but we knew where we were going as it was the same hotel we had been in a few days ago, COSI Samui Hotel. Maybe he didn’t understand our accent. Not that we have one! LOL.

Got all checked in but our room wasn’t ready so we stored our luggage and headed to our favourite Starbucks for an Iced Vanilla Latte. Looked around the mall a bit for new flip flops but no success, so headed back to the hotel to see if the room was ready. It was. Dropped our backpacks in our room and headed back out in search of flip flops. Doug decided to get a quick shave on the way at a place called Never Say Cutz. LOL He didn’t really.

No one seems to sell flip flops with arches in them. Really hope I can get mine fixed in Cambodia. Finally found a pair that had a slight arch and are a heck of a lot better than yesterday’s emergency purchase. New flip flops in hand we headed back, but decided we could use a break. It’s stressful shopping for flip flops. Doug started with a fruit smoothie but quickly moved to a Blue Hawaii.

You see lots of these trucks going up the street blaring music and advertising their venues. Just a few hydro lines here.

Tonight for dinner we were going to go the the night market for an assortment of foods. As we walked there you could see the temple in the distance from our uphill hike the other day.

We picked a couple varieties of chicken and we’re going to look for something else when the skies started to open up. We just dashed for cover at the mall which is next to our hotel. We had enough to eat as we had eaten spring rolls in the afternoon.

The mall still had some of their Christmas decorations up as did many places we have come across.

Finished my day off with a piece of coconut cake I had bought in the afternoon. It was a little different as the topping was shredded fresh young coconut. Not like anything I’ve ever had at home.

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