15 April 2018 – Travel Day – Gili Trawangan to Kuta, Bali, Indonesia – Round 2

Today was another travel day and we were heading back to Kuta for a few more nights. We enjoyed our last breakfast here with our new buddy, the cat. I don’t think he was supposed to be on the table, but what the heck!

We gave him a little bit of our scrambled eggs, which he just looked at. What was he expecting, caviar?

We packed up and checked out of the hotel. We weren’t supposed to check out until tomorrow, but we had changed our plans. We did not ask for a refund, so they still got their money for the extra night. After all, it wasn’t their fault we left early.

We headed downtown to the Blue Water office.

Lots of horse and buggies here this morning awaiting the arrival of new tourists.

We had just been saying the other day, that these places should have a day when everyone, including the tourists, go out and clean up the beaches and road sides. To our surprise, we saw this sign this morning.

Our boat arrived at 1150 hrs and we loaded on, headed for Kuta. The price we paid also included our transportation from the port on Bali to our hotel in Kuta.

At the other end, we had to walk a short distance to get to their office where all the shuttle vans were waiting to take us to our hotels.

We arrived at 1545 hrs and got all checked in. We knew the routine, as we booked the Holiday Inn again. We knew it and we liked it. This room was not a large as the last one, but was still really nice. We had a little outdoor patio this time as we were on the ground floor.

If we hurried we would make it to the pool bar happy hour. Off we went. Mojitos for Doug and Cham 69s for me. Delicious!

Headed back to the room shortly after 1700 hrs and Doug did some hand laundry. Had the perfect place outside to hang it to dry.

The plants sure grow big here. Another one, a Croton, that I use to have as an indoor plant. Mine was only tiny compared to these though.

Dinner tonight was take out from the pool bar and dessert, which we brought back to the room. Enjoyed our dinner in the room while we watched some TV.

Another beautiful sunset.

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