12 March 2018 – Siem Reap, Cambodia – Day 2 – Sunset over Angkor Wat or should I say Pre Rup

Today we wanted to go to Angkor Wat to see the sun set. Tourists have to buy an admission ticket for $37 US, but Cambodians don’t. If you purchase a ticket between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm the ticket is good for that evening and the full next day. After a nice buffet breakfast at the hotel we headed to the front desk to set up our Angkor Wat tour this evening and for tomorrow’s tour. We also had to book our bus for Battambang, our next destination.

After getting this all accomplished, the front desk grabbed us a Tuk-Tuk to take us to the market area. I love riding in Tuk-tuks.

He dropped us off right on the corner of Pub Street. This was on my list of places to see.

Mr Kim, our Tuk-tuk driver said he would come back for us so we set that up.

We wandered around the streets and found ourselves in a large covered market area. There was everything in here. If they didn’t have it, you didn’t need it. Some of the ‘food’ items looked pretty gross. They had every part of the chicken for sale. Already cut up and separated. Lots of items I had never seen before and hope to never see again.

After an hour or so we headed back to Pub Street to grab a beverage and a small snack. Dinner would be late tonight due to the sunset trip. Have to say that it was pretty cheap here. The prices are in US$

Not sure about the meat selection. I’ll pass

We settled upon a place, Cafe Latino, a Tex Mex Steak House.

Somebody took one before I had a chance to get a picture. Wasn’t me!

Found our Mr Kim and headed back to our hotel for a rest before our sunset tour.

A new Tuk-Tuk driver for our tour showed up early and so they called us down. All was good as we were ready. Good thing we did leave a little earlier as it was quite a distance. Tuk-Tuks don’t go too fast.

We got our admission tickets. They put our pictures on them.

Off we headed to the temple to watch the sunset. We weren’t going to the main temple, which is Angkor Wat, as the admissions lady said we couldn’t enter the temple, just the grounds. Plus we had been told it would be a zoo with thousands of people. If we really want to see that we can do it tomorrow evening. I never really thought about it, but Angkor Wat is only one temple in the Angkor Archaeological Park, which is in a town call Angkor. We were going to Pre Rup which was much further than I thought, but we got there in plenty of time to see the sunset. We climbed up the first few steps and I knew there was no way I could climb to the top. The steps were high, steep and no handrails. With my bad knees and fear of heights it wasn’t going to happen.

We wandered around the temple and still got some great pictures. When we got to the back of the temple we discovered they had built stairs with a handrail. Rickety stairs, but still stairs. We headed up. Doug only went half way up as he had flip flops on and this wasn’t meant for flip flops. I made it to the top.

Got a few good pictures up top but the sunset was actually better from down below.

Very slowly made my way down the steps. It was so scary for me, but I accomplished it.

A young lady was trying to sell me scarves. I feel so bad for them but I don’t want any, plus we don’t have room for them in our backpacks. She got down to 3 silk scarves for $5.00 US. They are really beautiful but still no room. And I would never wear them.

Took us a while to find our Tuk-Tuk driver amongst the many that were waiting. Didn’t help that we had no idea what his name was or even the colour of the Tuk -Tuk. He spied us. Thank goodness. He took us on a great scenic route back to the hotel. Tree covered roads and by lakes. We even saw some monkeys. The cicadas in the trees were almost deafening they were so loud in places. Don’t want to see them.

Went back to our room to change back into our shorts and headed down to the hotels restaurant for dinner again. Tonight we sat outside by the pool for dinner. Dinner and drinks were great just like last night. Selfie time!

Early to bed as we have to be up at 4:00 am for our 5:00 am pickup.

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