4 April 2018 – Travel Day – Singapore – Day 6 -to Kuta, Bali, Indonesia – Day 1

Originally, we were supposed to go to Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Malang all also in Indonesia for a few days each, totaling 10 days after Singapore, but, we were finding that we were so exhausted from moving around constantly that we decided to cut out all those places, and go directly to Bali, Indonesia. That is one advantage of booking as you go. We had no cancellations to make.

Today was a travel day, but breakfast first. I decided to finally try one of these bun type ‘things’. Not too sure what I think about them, but won’t be having any more any time soon. There seemed to be some kind of BBQ’d meat inside.

Our flight wasn’t until 1650 hrs, so we packed up, checked out and stored our backpacks, while we headed back over to the shopping mall for something to do. We don’t really plan to do much on travel days, as it always stresses me out that we won’t make our flight in time. When we were in Tokyo in 2017 on our last day, we had headed out doing tourist things. When the time came to head back to our hotel to catch our flight home, we couldn’t figure out how to get back there. We had to take a specific subway and we just couldn’t find it. I was so close to panicking. Never again will I get into that situation.

The shopping mall was BUSY, especially the food court.

Checked out a few items in the pharmacy. Always find it amusing. They need to show a before picture as well as the after picture. Saw these things everywhere.

Must be laundry day in Singapore. Can’t quite figure out how they get their laundry out on these things. Also, kind of surprised that they are even allowed to hang their laundry outside here, considering all the rules / laws there are here.

Headed back to the hotel to get a taxi to the Singapore Changi Airport.

Arrived at the airport and got all checked in. OMG! We should have come here, first thing in the morning, as this is one amazing airport. So much to do!!! There is a movie theatre, a swimming pool, a Butterfly Garden, a Cactus Garden, and many more attractions in the many terminals of this airport. Thank you to the security lady who stopped to chat with us and told us all about the different things to do in this airport!

Of course I had to check out the washrooms. These were definitely nice washrooms.

The Cactus Garden was in the terminal we were in, so of course, I had to check it out. Doug wasn’t interested and watched TV while he waited for me.

We were on our way to Bali. I don’t think that I ever thought we would ever get to Bali, and here we are, on our way!

Of course we got fed, all the airlines over here seem to feed us on their flights, no matter how long, or short, the flight is. We both had the same meal, but Doug had red wine, while I had white wine. Included!

We were almost there!

We have arrived! No VISA required for Canadians, as we will be staying in Indonesia less than 30 days.

We have discovered a new fascination since traveling for washrooms, bathrooms, water closets or whatever name you call them.

Have to mention how HOT it was here! It was hotter than hot! And we have been in some hot places lately. And the sun had already gone down.

We had arranged with the hotel to have a driver pick us up from the airport. The cost was 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR Rp), which was approximately Cdn $8.75. We find this is sometimes easier, since we don’t know where we are going, and have had issues getting taxis in some places. Plus the price was definitely right. Talk about a wild and crazy driving route this guy took.

When we got to the Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali, there are security gates to enter. The security guard checks under all vehicles with mirrors. Can’t say I have ever experienced this before, but I am all for safety precautions. We were greeted with leis and welcome drinks, along with warm, moist towels to clean up with. We also received a complimentary 90 minutes Balinese Massage for 2, which we totally forgot about and never did use.

All checked in and headed off to find our room. Our room was upgraded and it was HUGE. Room was huge and the bathroom was even bigger.

We found the restaurant and had a bite to eat, then walked up to the MiniMart to get some snacks. It was now getting late for us and we called it a night.

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