23 March 2018 – Koh Rong Sanloem, Cambodia – Day 2 – Mr Montreal (poor guy)

We slept in today, as we had no plans, and woke up to a cloudy, dismal day. Doug had left his shoes out on the porch and had to pour water of them. I had brought my shoes inside last night. Over a late breakfast we decided to explore the beach area to the right of the hotel.Mar 23-1DSC02606

Saw a cool insect and LOTS of small holes in the sand.Mar 23-2After chatting with the girl who worked the front desk, we were able to book a private excursion for tomorrow as we want to go to Koh Rong, Sok San Beach to see if we can find the beach that Season 32 of Survivor: Kaoh Rong was filmed on.  Turned out it was the girl’s Dad who would be taking us.  We also booked another High Speed Ferry back to the mainland in order to be able to catch our flight to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.


We decided to walk to the far end of the beach, passed the dock where we disembarked yesterday. We had to navigate large troughs of water runoff from the mountains as a result of last night’s storm. This water was brown and probably laden with bacteria. Guess these troughs always occurred in the same locations, as we found flimsy, wooden foot bridges erected up near the tree line on which to cross. It was so disappointing to see all these brown waters, as Paden had told us this island had some of the cleanest, most beautiful beaches he had ever seen. After talking with the owner of the resort, it turns out that the storms stir up all the jungle debris and it washes down the hillsides into the ocean after these bad storms occur. Bad timing on our part.Mar 23-3Mar 23-4Mar 23-5Just as we approached the dock where we disembarked our ferry yesterday, the ferry was arriving and I was able to get pictures of the ordeal I described yesterday. Full sized suitcases being tossed through the air like they were nothing.Mar 23-6We continued along the beach and the further we walked, the filthier it became and we ended up in an area called Dolphin Bay. DSC02742

We watched as the Chinese with luggage were brought over in a boat from the pier. There was one backpacker, who turned out to be from Montreal, who had to walk as there was no room for him in the boat. It appeared that he was the only Caucasian going to the Dolphin Bay area.  Poor guy! Hope he can speak some Chinese.

Mar 23-7We ate chicken fingers, drank beer and wine on the beach and just sat there to relaxed until dinner.


Mar 23-9IMG_5150

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