25 February 2018 – Travel Day Phuket to Koh Phi Phi – Day 1

Today is a travel day from Phuket to the Koh Phi Phi, an Island off the west coast of Thailand. We purchased our ferry tickets through the hotel so that we would be picked up and shuttled to the ferry pier. Ferry departed at 1:30 and our pick up time was between 12:45 – 1:00 pm. I wasn’t holding my breath to the fact that we would actually catch the 1:30 ferry based on previous experience with pick ups. To my surprise the shuttle arrived earlier than expected and since we were the last pickup we made it to the pier in plenty of time.

The pier was an absolute madhouse. To get to Koh Phi Phi you have to take a ferry. These are people only ferries and it was big. Four levels from what I could tell. I choose our seats and the guy working on the ferry suggested the other side for a better view. Sounded good so I moved. I looked for a clean window and settled in. The guy then suggested another seat as there was a cement wall and porthole opening outside our window but I said I was good figuring the cement wall, and porthole would disappear once we started moving. I have no idea what I was thinking. Doug also had no idea what I was thinking as the cement wall was attached to the ferry. LOL.

The ferry ride was approximately 1 1/2 hours long. Beautiful sunshine the whole way.

We arrived at Koh Phi Phi around 3:15. We were greeted with this sign and a woman yelling out every 2 seconds that everyone had to pay a 20 baht fee to help keep the island clean. I think this is a great idea since I would imagine that the hundreds if not thousands of tourists that arrive every day create a lot of garbage.

We had been told to look for the Bell Boy with the P.P. Casita sign. Sure enough he was there. Took our luggage to a cart where we waited for a few minutes to see if any others arrived.

We followed him to our hotel which was about a 5 minutes walk away. Interesting fact about this island. There are no cars on it. Pretty much everything is within walking distance. A good walk! We got checked in and shown to our room

We had a choice of being in the main building or a bungalow when I made the reservation. After my experience in the Pai huts, I opted for the main building as I had no idea what the bungalows would be like.

We headed out to get a cold adult beverage and some food. There are many many choices of ‘restaurants’ here. I’ve been wanting hummus and pita bread for a while so when we came across a place with it, we ate there. Don’t think I’d go back. Hummus wasn’t very good.

We also ordered chicken satays which were pretty good. Both came with a small salad but I won’t eat the greens here as I am paranoid about getting something from them or the water used to wash them.

Did a little shopping in the market. Doug wanted a Thailand flag for his backpack and I wanted a larger waterproof bag. The one we brought was only 5 litres and I found it a little small. Saw this beauty. Wouldn’t she entice you to purchase her outfit?

Found lots of restaurants for other days and this little tiger. There are so many cats here.

Called it an early night as this creature greeted us as we walked up the stairs to our room. Not one of them but two of them.


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