21 April 2018 – Brisbane, Australia – Day 4 – Gold Coast

Bruce made us a delicious breakfast, while Doug played with Molly. Molly may never be the same once we leave.

Their daughter, Erin, needed some new Netball shoes, so we all headed off to the outlet mall for those. Outlet mall was pretty much the same as back home. After the shoes were purchased we headed off up to the Gold Coast area. Can’t say I have ever seen a beware of Koala sign before. I have no idea what a Slip Lane is, but you can apparently walk on it. Looked up Slip Lane. It is the same as many of our turn lanes that are divided from the straight away lanes.

Stopped in a place called Surfers Paradise.

It wasn’t easy to find a good picture of us. Kim apparently takes pictures like Doug use to, but Doug has improved. Kim needs a lot of practice as most of them had a finger in them.

And then there was Bruce trying to take a group selfie shot of us. We have numerous shots like this one or worse.

But finally got one with all of us in it.

Bruce, Doug, Me (Joanne), Kim with Erin in the front.

Lots of kite flying going on here and they were BIG kites. Guess it was kite surfing and not just flying a kite. Don’t think I have ever seen kite surfing before. Looks pretty cool!

Doug and Kim dipping their toes in the water.

And of course we had to get a shot of our feet in the Gold Coast water.

Grabbed a bite to eat at the Golden Arches, as Erin had a netball game this afternoon. We definitely hope to get back to the Gold Coast some day and spend a few days or more there.

We headed back to Bruce’s and the guys relaxed with some wine, while playing on their phones and ignoring Molly. Poor Molly!!!!

Doug would say “he was letting Molly rest up”. Not sure if Molly would agree with that or not.

It was too cool by Aussie standards to be able to enjoy the pool today. Too bad.

Bruce made us a delicious leg of lamb dinner. It has always been one of my favourites and my Dad use to make it for me when ever we came home to visit. YUM YUM

After dinner the port and TimTams once again reappeared.

Called it a night quite early. Had to pack as we are heading to Sydney tomorrow morning.

Had it not been for the fact that we already had the rest of our itinerary planned and booked, we may have headed back to SE Asia at this point, as we were getting our second wind, so to say. We had had a few great days taking it easy and relaxing. Just what we had needed.

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