30 March 2018 – Travel Day Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore – Day 1

It was yet another travel day for us.  We’re excited about seeing Singapore.

For our two flights from KL, Malaysia to Singapore on Air Asia, with luggage paid, the cost was  Cdn $144.79  Sounds okay to me. We already know not to expect great things from Air Asia, but they get the job done for us. 

I am guessing that these washrooms were not for our use.

We departed at 12:30 from Kuala Lumpur and would arrive in Singapore around 1340 hrs.  Nice quick, easy flight. However, we didn’t arrive in Singapore until 1400 hrs, but still a good flight as we did make it.

They have fancy taxis in Singapore.

Our taxi was a Mercedes Benz

It was a beautiful drive to the hotel. The foliage around here is out of this world. Just like many of the places we have been so far. We got all checked into our hotel. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay, 2 Magazine Road, Clarke Quay. Singapore is NOT CHEAP!! Thankfully we booked a room which includes breakfast.

Paden loves hippos and I love Romero Britto’s work. Great combo of both, were in the lobby of our hotel. #HolidayInnExpressCQ

Turns out for us, we have a great location. Away from the busy center of things, but close enough to walk to many places. Also, the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) is only a couple blocks away. Seems like you can get just about anywhere on their MRT.

We needed to get money. Before we left home, we got approximately Cdn $100 of each currency that we would need. Figured this would get us at least to the hotels and then we could find a bank machine locally. The front desk told us there were bank machines at the Chinese Central Market that was only a few blocks away. Saw some amazing buildings on the way. This is apparently a hotel. The Royal Park Hotel. I am guessing out of our price range, but still gorgeous from the outside.

Once we found the mall, we still had to ask a couple of times where the bank machines were. Nothing is ever easy. I always get nervous when trying new bank machines in new countries. You never know if they will work and actually give you money. Had a big issue with this at times in Vietnam. Money in hand, we were happy again. The money in Singapore is nice and colorful, like Canadian money.

Saw this amazing bakery and couldn’t resist making a purchase. At least, we would have a great dessert, if nothing else. Doug had the Crispy Chocolate cake and I had the White Zebra. There were so MANY layers to that cake.

Eggs anyone? They don’t keep their eggs refrigerated over here. Seems to be a Western thing to refrigerator the eggs.

On way back to hotel we stopped at the 7 Eleven and picked up some water, Cheetos and Shiraz for Doug. It was almost next door to this cafe, Central Perk, which reminded me of the show Friends.

When we were in Los Angeles a few years back, well many years back, we actually visited the set from the show Friends. That was pretty cool. Here are a few of the 2009 photos from the actual set.

We headed back to the hotel, as we would eat at the little cafe, baker & cook, they had. Doug had a meat pie with pasta salad and I had quiche with pasta salad. It was delicious. Dessert later in our room. Those cakes were also delicious!

1700 hours and we were both ready to crash back in our room.

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