27 February 2018 – Koh Phi Phi Day 3 – Excursion Day

After another great breakfast sitting amongst plants we headed out.

We had a half day tour booked for today. It was going to 6 different places. One of the tour operators picked us up, by foot, at the tourist place where we booked the excursion. Good thing it was just across the path from our hotel. We stopped by a couple of other locations and gathered more people. Then he lead us down the back alleys and over to the beach area to catch the boat to begin our tour.

We had quite the assortment of tourists on this tour. The poor lady on the left in the dress was apparently quite seasick at one point. I missed it as I was in the water at the time, but Doug got to watch. She was puking into the black garbage. The same garbage that the guy with the black swimsuit on sitting across from her was later picking watermelon rinds out of for the fish at Sharks Bay.

It was a high speed boat and we took two seats at the back. Great views but not really the best plan as our stuff got soaked from all of us climbing in and out of the boat.

First stop was a place they call monkey beach. We all climbed out of the boat. Not a single monkey on the beach. But there was a lot of garbage. People just throw their garbage anywhere. Lots of broken glass too. Only stayed on the beach to grab a couple of pictures and that was it for the beach area.

However there were monkeys on the cliffs just outside the beach. Some people off our boat that were in the water were throwing bread to the monkeys. Not a good idea as you are in for a lot of rabies shots if you get bitten by one if these guys. The monkeys can swim.

From here we headed over to Maya Bay. This is the beach where the movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. It would be a beautiful area if there weren’t 10,000 tourists. It has finally recovered from a tsunami that hit it in 2004.

The sand was icing sugar fine.

From here we cruised by Viking Cave. You are not allowed in it and apparently it really stinks and has lots of bats. Even though there are people who live in it.

We stopped at a snorkeling spot but I have no idea what the name was. It was either Pi Leh Bay or Loh Samah Bay. We only did one snorkeling spot as we didn’t do the last one at Shark Bay. We had already turned our equipment in and didn’t want to get someone else’s. No sanitizing going on here. As far as the two Bays go I have no idea which was which from my photos. Most of the snorkeling is on video but here are a couple pictures. Not easy trying to take a selfie with a Go Pro!

There were definitely lots of fish around. Kind of freaky swimming with so many. Some would come right up to you.

Not sure what was next but at some point we went to a spot called Sharks Bay, there are actually sharks here. Nope! Don’t know what kind. We were getting tired by this point. So sticky from the salt water and HOT. Thought I took pictures but if I did, I can’t find them.

We were both ready to get back to our hotel, clean up and get in the pool to the swim up bar. I already knew what I wanted for dinner as I had seen this sign yesterday.

I ordered a margarita and it was pretty good. Could definitely tell there was alcohol in it. Doug had a fruit smoothie……what can I say?

We ordered a pepperoni pizza. It wasn’t the best but it was definitely pretty good. Not like pizza at home. I really miss our pizza place with it’s thick crust pizza. Doug on the other hand loves this thin crust stuff.

I was still hungry after the pizza so decided to try hummus and pita again. It was definitely better than the other place but not as good as my own recipe. Only managed to eat half of it.

Along with the hummus I ordered another margarita and Doug did too. These two were so strong that there was no way I could ever have a third and make it back to Resort.

It was time for bed after our excursion day and these margaritas.

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