1 March 2018 – Travel Day – Koh Phi Phi to Krabi. AoNang

Today was yet another travel day. We were kind of sad to be leaving Koh Phi Phi as it was just so beautiful here, plus we really enjoyed the resort. We might be back one day!

The bellboy pushed our luggage back to the pier in one of their carts. The pier was only 5 minutes away. Soon we were on the ferry and headed for Krabi. Our hotel was actually in Ao Nang beach area and not in Krabi. We were booked in at the Krabi Tipa Resort.

The lobby was so tropical and lovely. Actually reminds me of my idea of a southern plantation. The grounds were beautiful. Room was good too. Even the welcome drink was delicious. Not sure what exactly it was though.

Ended up with twin beds, but that was fine as the location of our room was great. This resort was built into the side of a mountain and many rooms were quite a hike uphill. As we were being shown to our room I heard a ruckus under the steps I was about to step on. There was a HUGE lizard under them. I’d say between 4 and 5 feet in length. He moved really quickly and I wasn’t able to get a picture. It may have been a Monitor Lizard. Thankfully I never saw or heard it again during our stay.

After settling in we headed out just to check out our surroundings and find the beach area. Turned out we were only 5 minutes at the most from the beach.

On our way to the beach we came across this fellow. I spent a little time chatting with him, but he actually didn’t say much other than “hello” in multiple voices. Dropped a donation in his donation box. Maybe he got a nice treat! But I somehow doubt it.

We headed back to our hotel for Happy Hour. Thought we would take advantage of the 2 for 1 special on the margaritas. Smallest margaritas in history. But they hit the spot and it was great to relax in their beautiful lobby.

Soon it was time to head out for dinner.

It always takes a while to find some place to eat as I’m a pretty picky eater. No curry, fish or seafood for me. We finally found a place, Tanta’s Thai Restaurant. It was really busy and I have to say service was pretty slow, snail slow. Doug ordered a mixed fruit smoothie and Shrimp Tom Yum soup and I ordered Chicken Satay. Doug really enjoyed his. Mine was just okay. I wasn’t really hungry either. Guess I filled up on margaritas earlier! Can’t really complain as the bill was only 280 Baht ($11.75 Cdn).

It was getting past our bedtimes so we headed back to the hotel. Noticed that all the little lizards were coming out. The golf cart in front of the hotel is used to take guests up to their room up the hill. Ours was within walking distance.

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