28 March 2018 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Day 4 – Petronas Twin Towers & KL Bird Park

Originally we had only booked for 3 nights here.  Lucky for us, we hadn’t planned out or booked anything past these 3 days.  Since there was so much to do here, and we hadn’t yet seen the Petronas Twin Towers, we booked another 2 nights stay. We still had to check out and then back in for the other 2 nights.

We walked to Petronas Twin Towers and purchased our tickets, one Senior Citizen and one Adult. Senior Citizen was almost half the price of an Adult ticket! Our tour time was 11:30 am and it was 10:45 am now. So, not a bad wait at all, but gave us some time to browse around the lobby area. As I mentioned the other day, these are the world’s tallest twin towers at 88 stories each, with 5 underground levels.

We use to collect these Press A Coins from every where we went. We have so many now, especially from the Disney Parks, but did not get these ones. Have to stop sometime.

The elevators were super fast and super smooth. Sure is a good thing, since I am not fond of small spaces or heights. The first stop was the Skybridge at level 41/42. Apparently the bridge is not fully attached to the towers, to allow for movement due to winds and other unpleasant weather.

I certainly wouldn’t want this guys job! Scary just watching him.

From the Skybridge level we caught another elevator up to the Observation Deck – LEVEL 86! Spent quite a while taking lots of pictures up here. Didn’t want to mess up, as I doubt we will ever be back here again. The views were spectacular and the skies were quite clear, which was great for viewing. Great birds eye view of the cemetery.

The above photo is where we took pictures the first day. You know, where I succumbed to the sales pitch of the iPhone lens guy. It was a great purchase though IMHO.

Thought it was really cool how they made amazing designs out of all the solar panels.

We came back later tonight to see the fountains all lit up.

It was now 12:30 and we caught the Hop on/Hop off city tour bus just outside the towers (Stop 23) as we were heading for the KL Bird Park (world’s largest free-flight walk-in Avery) at Stop 15. We knew this tour bus went there and we had no idea how else to get there. Of course, we never even looked into other ways. We did, however, see so much of the city. If we ever come back, we would need to do this Hop on/Hop off tour again, but actually get off at the different stops. But, today was all about getting to the KL Bird Park.
It was a double-decker bus with half of the top open air. We sat at the very front of the open-air section.  Thought we would like to get a little sun.  Boy were we fools! The sun was a killer!

It took us approximately 1 1/2 hours to get there. This park has so many natural surroundings for the birds and is just great. I don’t think I have ever seen such an amazing variety of birds. It was like paradise.

Guess we were there at feeding time, but then again, feeding time is probably all day with so many birds around.

Of course we had to have some birds who were strutting their stuff to show off.

Our favorites were all of these guys. We could have chatted with them and watched them for hours. So comical.

We had one last area in the bird park to see, the Waterfall Aviary. It was quite the hike though, as we were getting tired.

They don’t kid about smoking. Too bad they didn’t actually enforce it, as we did see a smoker not too far from this sign.

We had been touring the bird park for at least 2 1/2 hours, but could have easily spent longer there. However we were tired and knew it would take a while to get back.  We must have waited a good 30 minutes before the Hop on/Hop off bus showed up. This one was completely enclosed up top. Again sat in the front seats and had the sun still glaring on us, but through the glass this time!  Still HOT!

We again got a great tour of the city. This time, totally different areas than the route to the KL Bird Park. The architecture here is amazing, both old and new.

We disembarked at the Towers to walk back to our hotel. I have no idea why we didn’t just stay on the bus and get off at a stop closer to our hotel. Yes, there was one closer.
Since we had to go through the mall, we decided to get some Gatorade, as we really needed some electrolytes.  It had been so hot today, especially up on those bus tops. Will we ever learn that it is hot over here, in the sun? It doesn’t seem like it. We headed back to hotel to change, and just as we reached hotel, the sky opened up to a big thunder and lightening rainstorm. We sure timed that right for once. We were really hoping that the rain would stop as I really, really wanted to go back to the towers to get some night photos. It was torrential downpours for an hour or so, but did finally clear up, so we were off again. Back to the Petronas Towers.

The KLCC Lake Gardens at night. They put on a beautiful light and fountain show.

The Golden Arches are everywhere. MacDonald’s for dinner tonight. 9.50 RM = Cdn $3.00 That is for the full meal

Ended our exhausting, amazing day with doing some hand laundry. There is always laundry to do!!!

Fitbit tally for the day; 20,353 steps, 15.37km and 30 floors. A new record in steps for me.

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