2 April 2018 – Singapore – Day 4 – Universal Studios Singapore

Our plans for today were to go to Universal Studios Singapore. We woke up and it looked a little overcast but not bad. We were going forward with our plans for Universal Studios. After breakfast we headed to Chinatown to catch the North East MRT to Harbourfront. This was a new line for us. We’re expanding our horizons. Living on the wild side….LOL. We only had to go 2 stops but it was a good distance. From the harbour front we should be able to walk over the bridge to Universal Studios. This would work if we had a good sense of direction, but we were totally lost. The security guy gave us direction, but neither of us really got them. There was the option of the tram (I thought he had said train), the bus or walking. We stumbled upon a bus stop that was going to Sentosa, but we had no idea where that was. We asked the bus driver if he went to Universal Studios. He had no idea what we were asking, therefore we didn’t know if he did or did not. OMG! He told us to go ask someone else and drove away. Doug finally asked a lady on the street and she told us that this bus did go to Universal Studios and we wanted the last stop. Thank you lady with the stroller! Next bus came along in a couple of minutes and we piled on. Paid our $1 each and took a seat. Two stops later we were in the garage of the casino on Sentosa Island. Now to find our way to Universal Studios. Lucky for us it’s a popular place and well signed. We were in line for tickets within minutes of getting off the bus. We decided to splurge and went for the Unlimited Express passes. This granted us Express Entry as many times as we wanted to any ride that had the Universal Express line. Pretty much like cutting in at the front of the line.

Once inside we had no plan so just followed the road to the right. First up was photos with Minions.

Came across Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. Why not? There was an Express line and we were loaded onto the ride right away.

Up next was TRANSFORMERS the ride and went into the Universal Express Line. The regular line wait time was already at 60 minutes. Took us maybe 5 minutes to load onto the ride.

Most of the rides don’t allow photos or video of them. Universal and their copyrights! We or I did pretty much ever ride except a few of the younger kids rides. Doug didn’t do the roller coasters, but I did. I love roller coasters. In their Battlestar Galactica section, they had two good sized coasters, Cyclone and Human. I much preferred Cyclone as it had twists and turns and upside rolls.

Now we were headed into the Ancient Egypt section where they had Revenge of the Mummy. Love this ride. Love having the Express Pass even more.

Out of Ancient Egypt and into Jurassic Park, where they had the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, a river raft ride, so you know you’re going to get wet.

Something they had here, that we had never seen before were drying pods. Even though it is so hot here, people were using them.

Time to take a rest and take in a show. We caught the WaterWorld show in the Lost World area of the park. It was good, your typical Universal Studios show.

Did some other very exciting and not so exciting rides.

Came across Gloria’s Snack Shack. Gloria, is that your restaurant? Crispy Giant Squid Rice Combo? I think I will pass.

How about a turkey leg? Pass from us.

We found Starbucks and decided to have our lunch here. You can’t go wrong with Starbucks, right? Love these Iced Vanilla Lattes, even if they aren’t cheap.

We walked around the park and took in a few more rides and shows. Enough walking that I put 16,475 steps on my Fitbit today.

Did a little shopping. Can’t come all the way to Universal Studios Singapore and not buy a souvenir.

After leaving the park, we decided to look around. There are other attractions on Sentosa, but not today. We will just have to come back to Singapore some day.

Even stumbled upon some of Romero Britto’s art work. I love his stuff and have a few pieces including an iPhone case that I bought in Miami. His artwork seems to be worldwide for sure.

And saw a cruise ship off in the distance.

Of course the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down.

We caught the tram back to the mainland and did not have to bus it this time.

We caught the MRT to China Town and had to walk back to the hotel, in, you guessed it, the rain.

Our plans for the night included doing some hand washing. It had been 5 days since we had done laundry and since we only had backpacks, we had to be constantly doing hand washing to ensure drying time. We relaxed for a bit and enjoyed a couple of beers that we had bought last night from the 7Eleven. Love having a refrigerator in our room.

This will be hard to believe, but we had salad from the bake & cook takeaway cafe in the hotel! Can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of our dinner! Okay, it was the same thing I have had for the last few nights. Well not exactly the same. Only had salads tonight and no quiche. Told you all that I am not a very adventurous foodie. We weren’t really all the hungry, since we had had a big lunch at Starbucks in Universal, but we were tired.

16,475 Fitbit steps today = 12.09 km

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