12 February 2018 – Bangkok – Day 5 – Travel Day to Chiang Mai, Thailand – Day 1

Today we leave Bangkok and I have to say I was ready. The heat was getting to us and it’s taking longer to adapt to the weather than we thought it would. I guess going from -40 C to 40 C is a shock to your system. I’m really happy we’ve had the opportunity to see Bangkok and it’s been an education to see how others live. We have it so easy back home in Canada.

We were flying from Bangkok to Chiang Mai at 11:45 and it as only 1 hour 20 minutes flight. Nice and quick. We grabbed a quick breakfast and then the hotel got us a taxi to the airport.

The hotel door man negotiated the price with the taxi driver at 400 baht (approx $16 Cdn) which was to include the toll charges of 125 baht ($5.00 Cdn). When we were coming up to the first toll the driver asked for the toll money. This resulted in me not being happy but ended up paying for the tolls as we didn’t want to get stranded. Paid him 300 baht ($12.00 Cdn) when we arrived at the airport. He didn’t look thrilled but accepted it without a word. We usually tip well, but not this time. Apparently it is common for the taxi drivers to pull this kind of thing over here. I noticed that the hotel had written down the taxi number as we left. I’m thinking this is why. Anyways we got to the airport in what I thought was lots of time. This airport is HUGE (one if the busiest in the world) and you need at least your 2 hours to get checked in and through security. The airlines here open for check in 2 hours before your flight and close 1 hour prior to your flight. Don’t miss that 1 hour window! Flight went smooth and was uneventful but we were prepared.

Seats didn’t have much leg room but I guess that’s what you get for $50 a person.

Taxi from the Chiang Mai airport to our hotel had set prices so no negotiation needed and we much prefer that way. We arrived at the Montha Hotel a little before check in so relaxed in the lobby

It wasn’t long before we got our room key. We had booked twin beds as this was all that was available at the time but the price was right at $25 a night and the place had great reviews. We are not disappointed. Front desk service is excellent!

Beds bring new meaning to ‘hard as rock’.

Shower is basic but works great.

We decided to go for a walk and see what was around. We stumbled upon a Pizza Hut and the thought of pizza was so appealing to me that I talked Doug into it. Ordered a medium pepperoni as this was about the only thing that looked ‘normal’ to me. This was the tiniest medium pizza we had ever seen but it hit the spot.

After eating we walked around and to my surprise, not really, we came across a Wat. What Wat you ask? Wat Up Khut, I think.

It was a pretty basic Wat, but had some great plants around the grounds.

These ‘balls’ were actually growing from this tree.

This tree had no leaves only these marigold type flowers the size of your fist.

They were setting up for the night market as we made our way back to the hotel. Thought we would go out again later but it never happened. I’m not much for the night life, as I’m too tired after my day playing tourist.

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