13 February 2018 – Chiang Mai – Day 2 – Where is that Wat?

Today was a relatively relaxed day if you call walking around in circles in a thousand degree heat relaxing.

I woke up to a small white spider walking on my hand which I swatted and didn’t think much of. Later on in the day I will be thinking much of! We found a great restaurant, The Welcome Inn, on our way to see the Wat of the day. There were a few tables with people already eating. All tourists and no locals so we figured it would be good food for me. I have to say it was one of the best breakfasts I have had in a long time. I ordered the small English breakfast and Doug ordered the muesli and a mixed fruit smoothie. It was a lot of food!

We headed off to find this large Wat that is in the city that is surrounded by a moat. We asked directions at the local tourist office and thought we knew exactly where we were going. Turn right and two blocks down. Can’t miss it. On the way we came across another small Wat, Wat Phakhao, so of course I needed to take a quick look around.

They have some beautiful plants there.

We continued along the street taking in the sights.

Doug spied this cool car and wanted to see what it was. Turns out it is a Nissan Figaro. We’ve never seen or heard of that one before. It sure was cute.

Walking along both thinking we had gone way further than two blocks we came across another tourist office and asked again where this HUGE Wat was. Turned out it was blocks back. We had missed it. We followed the new instructions and Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara was not on that street either. We did finally find it. Turns out it wasn’t even on the street that the first tourist place had told us to walk down. Not even 100% sure of its name.

When we were heading to Chiang Mai, our son, Paden had said it would be cooler than Bangkok. It wasn’t and the sun was beating down on us. Add to this I had to be properly dressed to enter the Wat. This means covered and these wraps were made of a heavy fabric almost like canvas. I think they do it purpose to make us tourists sweat even more.

There were so many buildings in the grounds of this Wat. Here are a few pictures. Sometimes it difficult to get pictures without others in it.

Some buildings only allowed men. I call discrimination! LOL

Another Reclining Buddha. Apparently there are over 300 Wats in Chaing Mai alone. Wonder how many have Reclining Buddha’s?

This Wat was built approximately 600 years ago

The wax Monks looked so real you would sometimes swear they were real.

Since by now I was melting away we figured it was Miller Time and we headed to a nice little spot we had seen in the morning. There had been a lady there who had seen our Canadian ball caps and we had chatted with for a few minutes. I think she had said she was from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She had sold everything and had been traveling for 6 years now.

When the lady took our order she had to check the time. Didn’t think much of it. It was 1:50 pm. Around 2:20 she came back and poured all my beer into my mug. Then did the same with Doug’s and he hadn’t been using his mug. Turns out they are not allowed to serve alcohol between 2:00 and 5:00 pm. We decided to order a snack of French Fried.

Headed back to the hotel for a rest and to cool down. Dinner was back at our newly discovered favourite restaurant. Other than us these were most of the customers. So many old single white men over here. Too many with young Thai girls. See the cat Kimberly!

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