18 March 2018 – Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Day 2 – Best Day Ever: Flip Flop Repair Day!

After getting up we headed downstairs via the elevator to have the included breakfast at the hotel.  There wasn’t much of a selection but it would suffice.

We headed back to the travel agents office that we had been at yesterday and booked our car and driver to go to killing fields along with a few other places tomorrow. Caught a glimpse at this shop on our way.  Beautifully painted coffins.

Before doing anything else we headed back to the hotel to get my busted flip flop as we had seen a shoe repair guy on the street. We always forgot to put the flip flop in the backpack in the mornings, so back we went to get it. Flip flop in the backpack we arrived at the corner where the repair guy had been and he was gone!!!!!  OH NO!!!!Thankfully he returned in a few minutes.  Even though he had a pile of repairs to do, he set to work on my flip flop right away as I waited. He did such an excellent job and just made my day.  Not only did he glue my flip flop back together, he stitched it too.  He only asked for US$1.00 but I was so happy that I gave him US$5.00.  Back home last year I had one glued only and it was Cdn $10.00 so the US$5.00 was cheap to me.

It was now too late to tour the King’s Palace this morning as they closed for lunch and so we decided to head to the National Museum of Cambodia.  We hadn’t really planned on doing this attraction but decided to, as it was close to the palace and would fill in the time until the palace opened.  We bought our US$10 admission tickets and entered.  If you wanted to take pictures of the pieces you needed to purchase a ticket for your camera also.  I didn’t think I would take any until we entered and I saw part of the collection.  Headed back to the entrance and purchased my US$1 camera ticket.  Turns out this museum holds one of the worlds largest collections of Khmer art. Over 14,000 pieces. Needless to say I would be taking a few, okay maybe a lot, of pictures. So many of the pieces were just magnificent.

There were rooms upon rooms of art work.  So many that I am not even sure that we viewed them all.

This turned out to be a spectacular place to see. Highly suggest it, if you are ever in Phnom Penh. In the center of all the buildings there was a beautiful courtyard with ponds. So calm, quiet and relaxing.

We probably could have spent more time here but it was now time to head over to the King’s Palace. You could tell it was open from the crowds.

We had to cover up to enter here so Doug had to zip on the lower part of his pant legs and I had to put on my sarong. The King’s Palace was made up of numerous buildings with many that were closed to the public or under renovation.  Probably a good thing as there were still many to see. The Throne Hall was the only building that we could really enter and from the lack of inside photos I am guessing we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside. There were lots of people, but everyone moved through quickly. Doesn’t take as long when no photos are allowed.

They had this amazing model of Ankor Wat. It was rather neat to see this after touring the actual place already.

As I was looking through the last couple of buildings Doug was off making friends with the four legged inhabitants of the Kings Palace.
We thought that Thailand was hot, but Cambodia is hotter and more humid!  I feel like we will just melt into the sidewalk at times.  We were each given a ‘free’ (price included in admission) small bottle of water.  Guzzled that down in a few seconds and headed back to our room to rest up and cool down for a bit. Well a bit turned into 4 hours and we were getting hungry so decided to head out in search of some place for dinner.  The burritos sounded good but I was afraid of what might actually be in them, so passed on this option.

Just as we often seem to do once we have found a place we like, we gravitated back to the Angkor Mithona restaurant, which is just up the street on the corner from our hotel.

Definitely can’t complain about the prices here.  Of course it was happy hour on the drinks. Draft beer was buy 1 get 1 free.  Cocktails were also buy 1 get 1 free.  Can’t go wrong with US$20 for 6 drinks, 2 meals and 1 dessert.

Headed back to our hotel for the night where I worked on future travel arrangements.  I managed to book our flight and hotel for Kuala Lumpur. Nothing is really easy or simple when working on an iPad with iffy internet service.

Found that I had a new bite of some sort tonight and it appeared as if they left something behind.  Thankfully I was able to pull whatever it was out.

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