17 April 2018 – Kuta, Bali, Indonesia – Round 2 – Day 3 – Our Butts May Never Forgive Us

After breakfast we decided to borrow a couple of bikes from the hotel and to ride up to the Legion Beach area. Same direction as we always walked in, but further.

We rode for around 30 minutes but we ended up on the main roads and in traffic. It was getting hairy scary, plus we were on a slow roast. We have been traveling for 2 1/2 months now and believe me, we still have NOT adapted to the heat and humidity.

We got as far as here, which translate to Kuta Beach, so obviously did not make it up to Legion Beach.

The beach up here was much nicer than the beach that was further south, near where we were staying. If we ever get to go back, we will have to check this area out for sure.

The surfers seemed to be loving the waves today. Wonder if it is always like this here?

After touring around for a bit, we decided to head back to the hotel. Plus our butts were hurting and we still had the ride back. Back through the traffic. YIKES!

It was a very relaxing afternoon in the pool. I spent a good hour just floating around on an air mattress, while Doug guided me around the pool. We had really needed time to relax and we were getting it. Perfect weather and great bar staff. What more could a person want? We must have been really relaxed, as I don’t even have pictures of our lunch or my Chocolate Martini.

Should we ask what Doug is doing?

Pretty sure he was looking at his phone, while waiting for me, but we will never know.

Back in the room we did, yes, more laundry. This was the ideal place to get it done as it dried quickly in the heat and sun. After doing the laundry we headed back to the loungers to read, but soon discovered it was just too hot. Back to the room we went. Doug to watch Netflix and myself to work on our blog. We had pretty good internet here. Plus a nice view from our air conditioned room.

Dinner tonight was back at the pool bar as I couldn’t deal with seeing the poor cats again. It was heart breaking to me.

It had been a while since I had had any bites, but Indonesia did not disappoint me, and was sending me off with a doozie.

Later we packed up all our clean laundry, as we are off to Australia tomorrow!

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