28 February 2018 – Koh Phi Phi Day 4 – So many Canadians!

Today we wanted to walk around the island. Or at least as far as we could without having to hike across the mountains. Maps.me made it look like there was a nice path along the coast which should take us to a beach area. But we all know by know that maps.me isn’t always right.

We didn’t rush and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with this view.

This island is full of cats. Most look well cared for. Not many dogs at all which suits me fine. Don’t like seeing all the dogs roaming free around Thailand.

After breakfast we gathered our backpack which we almost always have with us as it contains my cameras and our first aid kit. Never know when we might need that stuff. Plus our large bottle of water in our bottle carrier that we got in Vietnam. One of our best purchases ever. Thank you Christine for showing us the bags. A couple of people have asked us where we got them.

We headed out along the path which goes along the coast. The scenery was just so beautiful that it’s hard not to take lots of photos. Lots of longtail boats waiting for their day to begin.

Found these bowls made out of coconut shells. Just love them but can’t get any as we don’t have room in our backpacks. Plus we don’t even if we would be able to take them back to Canada. Have seen them in a few places now.

This persons longtail boat doesn’t look like it’s doing to good. Might have a bit of a leak!

The bougainvillea seem to grow wild and just huge here. Every colour possible. All so full of blooms. Wish mine at home grew like this.

Around every corner is another breathtaking view.

Found a little beach area that had some colourful rocks with cool markings.

We came to yet another beautiful small beach area and decided to take a bit of a rest in the shade.

As we were sitting there another group of 4 Canadians came down to the beach. We started chatting. Two brothers, one daughter and the daughters friend. Three of them live in Kelowna, BC and the brother in Toronto, ON. We continued along the path where we came to a very steep hill with LOTS of steep steps. It was very scary for me, but I made it over and it ended at yet another beach, Long Beach. This one had quite the climb down to to get to the beach though. I made it down!

Since we couldn’t go any further without hiking up the mountains we decided to head back to our resort. Might be a pool afternoon again. Saw this little guy on our way back, along with another group of Canadians. We have met many Canadians over here.

Of course we needed to stop to enjoy a delicious smoothie sea side.

But the smoothies apparently weren’t enough and we stopped for ice cream. They make the ice cream in front of you. Ice cream rolls.

We had seen some really nice restaurants along the beach and decided we would return to one for dinner. I picked out the one I wanted to go to as they were BBQing chicken kabobs that looked delicious. Later in the evening we headed out for dinner. We walked for what seemed forever. Back and forth and could not find the restaurant with the kebobs. Next time I need to take a picture of the name. We both came to the conclusion that the kebob restaurant must have been up and around the last hill we had walked around in the morning. We weren’t going to go that far in the dark. So we settled on another beach side restaurant, Chao Koh. We both ordered a glass of wine and salmon fillets. Everything was really good.

After dinner we headed to the restaurant/bar that was next door to where we ate as they had a fire show starting in an hour. While we were sitting waiting for the show to begin, I saw something move in the sand. Yes I am still very skittish since the spider.

Show was good but way too long with too many performers doing the same thing. Had they cut it down to the 3 main performers it would have been excellent.

By now it was late for us old folks to still be out, so we went directly ‘home’

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