20 April 2018 – Brisbane, Australia – Day 3 – And they thought we would NEVER Come!

This morning was a repeat of yesterday morning. Slept in and it was so great. We then enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the porch again. Would never get tired of this porch. This is only a portion of the front porch area. The porch goes around the whole house.

Here is a portion of the back porch. You can see the renos going on. This house is amazing!

As mentioned yesterday, the views are amazing from all around the house.

Since we were leaving and moving on today, Paul had arranged to meet us at their Club for lunch and to say goodbye to us. Had a great lunch and a chance to say ‘Goodbye’, then back to the house, to wait for our cruise friend, Bruce to pick us up. Bruce and Kim told us, when we met on the Oasis of the Seas cruise back in 2013, that if we ever came to Australia to look them up. We had stayed in touch and had cruised with Bruce again in 2017 on the Harmony of the Seas. Bet they never thought we would show up in Australia one day!

Before leaving we tried our hand at getting a selfie. Not bad. With a little editing, I was able to cut out the extra ceiling in the picture. LOL

We had an amazing time with them all and really hope to be back there sometime and not wait another 40 years to see them again. Thank you so much for all your hospitality, Paul, Joe and Susan.

Bruce arrived around 3:00 pm to get us and we would be staying with them for 2 nights before flying out to Sydney. We had a pit stop at their local WalMart to pick up some items for breakfast tomorrow. Thank goodness that Vegemite was not one of those ingredients. It was even on sale! A definite PASS though.

Spied our favourite beer in WalMart! If only they sold this back at home in Ottawa, Canada.

We finished up our shopping and headed to Bruce and Kim’s place. Said hello to Kim and Erin and then Doug met up with what would be his new best buddy, Molly.

Relaxed for a bit, while Doug played with Molly and then we all headed out for dinner to the Norman Hotel, Brisbane’s worst vegetarian restaurant.

Meal was good, but pricey, considering they don’t serve you. You have to go up to the counters and order your own food and then wait for it. I guess that is the ‘price’ you pay for not having to tip in Australia. Mind you, it probably works out to be about the same total as in Canada and the USA after we add tip on. However, they don’t serve you.

We headed back to the house and sat around chatting for a while as Bruce broke open the port and brought the Tim Tams out. He showed us how to take a small bite out of two corners, kitty corner to each other, of the Tim Tams. Then you suck the Port through the Tim Tams as if it was a straw. Only in Australia you must think!

It was a fairly early night as they had worked today. Not retired, like we are.

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