19 April 2018 – Brisbane, Australia – Day 2 – Stayin’ Alive

We had such a great night sleep and woke up around 9:00 am. Enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee and breakfast on Paul’s wrap-around porch, while chatting with Sue and Joe. This is the life. What a wonderful view from the porch.

EDIT: Since our visit, Paul has refurbished the whole porch and installed an inground pool. It was paradise when we were there. Can only imagine now.

We took our time this morning, but our first stop once we got going was at an ATM to get some AUD $. Thankfully, no problems getting cash here from the machines. From the mall we headed off to an area called Redcliffe. It was a beautiful drive there.

Me (Joanne), Joe, Doug & Susan at the Coffee Club

We stopped at The Coffee Club and had lunch. Doug and I had just really had breakfast, so Doug ordered a smoothie and we shared a nachos. Joe and Sue and their breakfast/lunch.

The clouds were moving in, and we were lucky that we did not get rained on. Only saw this beautiful rainbow.

Not far from where we ate was a place called Bee Gees Way. It was opened by Barry Gibb on 14 February 2013 and is a walkway filled with photos, short narratives and other items donated by Barry. At night the laneway comes alive with a light show set to music every 30 minutes from 7pm till 9.30pm.

Life size statues of Maurice, Robin and Barry

The boys as young kids.

On the way back we took a small tour around looking at the different styles of homes here. Totally different from our back home. Saw lots more coastline also, but did not see any kangaroos.

Saw a school. Again, nothing like ours back home.

And even a huge horse sculpture in this front yard.

For dinner tonight, we went to what they call The Cavery, at the Village Garden Bar & Grill located in The Samford Hotel. The buffet portion tonight was a roast beef dinner. Really delicious and reasonably priced. They also had a regular menu if you wanted that. Included with our roast been dinner was dessert. When we went up to get our dessert the lady commented on our accents. What accents? We don’t have accents, they do! Anyways, it turned out they had an employee working with them who was from Canada and they brought her over to say “Hello”. Had a bit of a chat and back to work she needed to go.

Back to Paul’s to went and enjoyed more chatting, a little watching of TV while chatting and last, but not least, some wine drinking. Oh yes, earlier this afternoon, we did do a pit shop at the local Liquorland Shop to replenish the wine supply.

Tried Vegimite and “Stayin’ Alive” to tell about it. Oh my, that stuff is gross!!!!

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