14 April 2018 – Gili Trawangan, Indonesia – Day 3 – Bike Butts

Guess what woke us up AGAIN! Yup, the call to prayer. It seemed to happen a lot through out the day today. Not just the once that I remember from yesterday. But, who knows, maybe we just noticed it more today.

Today we thought we would head back to the little café that we had discovered yesterday for our breakfast. YUM….fruit smoothies and fresh croissants. We got the last 2 croissants. They sure do a booming business in this place. And, YES! we got a table inside, in the air conditioning this morning. Have I mentioned today, just how HOT it is here? After a great breakfast we headed back to the hotel, as we decided we would borrow a couple of bikes from them and ride around the island. Island can’t be that big, if you can walk around it. We haven’t been on bikes for years, but you never forget how to ride one, right?

We remember how, but OMG, did we forget about how sore your butt gets! Two hours on a bike…ouch

There were some nice looking bars, beaches and resorts on the other side of the island, but I guess you would have to take the horse and buggies to get to them, especially at night. Just to note, this island has no cars and supposedly no motorcycles, but we did see one motorcycle/scooter on the island.

Some places were nicer than others. It could be quite far in between places, not like the other side of the island, where the main street is.

Most of the over the water swings were occupied, but we finally found one that wasn’t. Had to take our shoes off to go into the water and oh my, that was not fun. Lots of rocks and most likely broken coral covering the ocean floor. Not a good experience at all, but I finally made it out to the swing.

The ‘road’ was getting narrower and narrower, and rougher, as we continued around the island. At one point it ended up being just a narrow sand path, almost impossible to ride on, and we had to get off our bikes, and walk them for a short distance.

We came upon a herd of cows. Looks like they may be tied to the trees. At least they have lots of trees for shade.

It took us around 2 hours to ride around the island and our butts were angry. It was time for a cold Bintang while we sat on the edge of the pool with our feet dangling in the water. It was so relaxing after our long bike ride.

Later we headed back to the downtown area for dinner. Picked out a nice beach side restaurant, IKAM and was given a table on the sand near the water. Moved from our first table as there were a lot of ants near that one. Didn’t want any ant bites. Everything else seems to bite me.

Mai Thai & Frozen Mojito

Dinner was pretty good and with beverages came to IDR Rp 559,00 = Cdn $48.39 Again, not cheap for SE Asia, but about on par for what we have found in Indonesia.

We stopped off at an ATM and successfully got money! Grabbed a couple of ice cream bars from the local convenience store and headed back to the hotel around 5:30 pm. We had to pack up for our speedboat trip back to Kuta tomorrow. Our port was Sanur and then they would take us in a van to our hotel in Kuta.

This is a good picture to show how nice this place was once you got over the entrance way. That is our room. The place was really quiet as I don’t think they were too busy. Only saw a couple of other people.

While we were packing up Doug had a run in with the bed frame. Thank goodness for our first aid kit, yet once again.

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