29 March 2018 – Kuala Lumpur – Day 5 – Batu Caves

I was up early and out on our balcony, looking around.  Thought I would take some pictures that shows what I saw, the not so nice/clean areas.  Our hotel, the Ramada Suites by Wyndham, was amazing and two streets over was Changkat Butik Bintang, the street with all the bars, clubs and restaurants. 

Hope he is having fun!
Garbage collection at it’s finest. Didn’t empty the green bin and left piles of garbage on the ground

Since our Hop On/Hop Off bus tickets were good for 24 hours we were able to utilize it again this morning to get to the KL Sentral Bus Terminal. Yes, we did get the Hop On/Hop Off bus from the stop that was much closer to our hotel. In fact, it was right by the McDonalds that we ate at last night. From the KL Sentral Bus terminal, they bussed us to Sentul to catch the KTM line which took us to the Batu Caves in the mountains. Took us a while to figure out how to get there and where to go. Have to say, that we kind of surprised ourselves that we made it, with no issues or without getting lost.

A very short walk from the station and we were there. Quite a spectacular sight to see, I might say, even with all the maintenance scaffolding around. The staircase up to the entrance of the largest cave, Cathedral Cave aka Temple Cave and a 140 foot tall gold painted statue of Lord Murugan.

At the bottom of the stairs, there is a sign asking visitors to help out by carrying a brick or pail of sand to the top. I don’t think they were talking about me. We were still trying to figure out whether or not we, or I, would even make it up the 272 steps to the Hindu Shrine inside the huge cave in the mountain. We had to do the stairs in segments and take a rest in between. I have no idea how some of these people managed to get up here.

There were so many monkeys, actually, they are macaques, but none of them entered any of the caves. It was surprising, so we wondered if they had some kind of electronic device set up to keep the monkeys out.

One of the monkey’s tried to grab our Gatorade out of Doug’s hand. But Doug held on tight and won. We had been warned about the monkeys from Paden. You had to keep everything put away or it was fair game to the monkeys.

Once inside the cave it was so cool…..but so HOT & HUMID. The sweat was just dripping off me.

But the scenery was great. Too bad there were so much refurbishment going on though. It was huge inside!

Looking up out of the Cave

Never fear, there were more stairs!

Time to head back down now.

Dark Cave. Ah shucks! Advance booking required. We did NOT do this cave and tour. After reading the sign, there was NO WAY in hell I would do that tour!!!!. “The highlight of the trip will be our infamous Crawl Passage and viewing the trapdoor spider in their natural habitats. There will be elements of climbing, sliding and of course, the epic crawl! Expect to get wet and dirty.” DEFINITELY NO WAY!!!!

I did take a few pictures in the entrance way, as the rock colours were amazing.

It was apparently cruise ship day today and we saw lots of people from the cruise ships.  Chatted with one guy as he was asking if we thought they had time to go to the top and back.  They had something like 30 minutes there.  Crazy short amount of time to see such an amazing place. Really happy we weren’t doing this on a cruise ship excursion. 

We wanted to see the Ramayana Cave also, but had to wait a bit for the ticket sales office to open.

While we were waiting we got to watch this guy for a bit. He was pretty big!

Once inside the cave, it was so different from the Cathedral Cave. It was so vibrant and all but filled with fluorescent lighting, Almost freakish. But never fear, this cave also came with more steps inside. Yes, we did go up them. There weren’t too many people inside here. I guess they just didn’t want to pay to go in.

I feel like these are an optical illusion. Are they going up or are they going down? I know the answer!

Getting the subway back was easy peasy now. We were subway pros and managed to get back to The Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.
We decided to eat at Quivo, a restaurant in the Pavilion Mall, that I had seen people eating scrumptious looking onion rings at. We ordered a couple pints of draft and onion rings, to be followed by fajitas, that we shared. Onions rings looked a lot better than they tasted, but were still good. Fajitas were average, but what did I really expect?

For dessert we headed to Cold Stone Creamery and Doug got ice cream. Yum Yum Yum For some odd reason I decided to get a pretzel and took no pictures of my pretzel.

We headed back to hotel to pack for our flights to Singapore tomorrow. But, for one last time we just had to pass through rat alley where there about 5 rats scurrying around. GOODBYE RATS!!!

P.S. Saw this guy on the way to the bus this morning!

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