8 March 2018 – Travel Day – Koh Samui to Koh Phangan, Thailand – Not Another Bug!

Had a great sleep and my bug bites did not wake me. That alone makes it’s a great night. Today we are going by ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan. This island is famous for the Full Moon parties. I would never come here around full moon. I’ve heard it’s insane.

We had a leisurely breakfast then went for a walk around town as we weren’t being picked up until noon, which was also check-out time. Taxi ride to the pier took about 15 minutes and we got to see a little more of the island. The ferry left from the Big Buddha pier and we were able to see the back of the Buddha.

Ferry ride took about 35 minutes and again we saw some breathtaking scenery. Lots of fishing boats.

Getting from the ferry dock to our hotel was a breeze as it was 260 meters from the pier according to maps.me. Nice and close, yet far from the noise.

Got all checked in and shown to our room. What a great room. Our room opened to a small patio that had 2 loungers beside the pool. Yes, our own pool loungers!

Thought everything was perfect. Went to set the combination on the in room safe….Error…..error…..error. Down to the front desk I went. They would send someone in 5 minutes. Hadn’t been back in the room 2 minutes when Doug comes out of the bathroom and says “you don’t want to look under the bathroom sink”. Of course I had to go look. It was a friggin’ BIG cockroach looking back at me. (Doug said I went hysterical, jumping up and down screaming, but I don’t remember that. However I did take a picture of it. Don’t remember that either!) Back to the front desk I went again. Had to laugh to myself. The guy working the front desk says “I’ll send housekeeping to take care of it”. I’m thinking to myself, are you kidding me? You’re sending a woman to take care of it while you sit here. A few minutes after I got back to the room the safe guy showed up to fix the safe. It was taking him awhile, which was good, as when the poor housekeeping lady showed with her broom and dustpan he helped her. I’m pretty sure she appreciated his help as there was a little screaming in the bathroom and a lot of crunching and banging. I was as far away as possible without being out of the room. I did try to get out before they started but the bathroom was right beside my exit route. When the lady was leaving I said to her “you’re sure you got it?” The man then gets her to turn around to show me the cockroach on her dustpan. I’m freaking out! “No No!” She then throws it out the hallway window. At least she closed the window afterwards. This guy was BIG!

It was definitely Chang time now! Good thing there was a bar at the end of the pool. Got ourselves a couple of cold Changs. I hopped in the pool to cool down and to enjoy my Chang while Doug sat in one of our loungers by the pool.

Soon we were really getting hungry as we had only had muffins for breakfast. We decided to head out to see what was around. There were lots of shops and restaurants but the town was dead. It was like we were the only people here. We usually like to pick a restaurant where there are already others eating. Took us a while to find one, but we did, Ladino Restaurant. I order something I’d never had before, Ziva with feta cheese and olives. It was a pretzel sesame type dough stuffed with mozzarella cheese, feta and green olives. Doug wanted the same but they only had one left so he order Pad Thai Chicken. He really enjoyed his meal, as did I mine. Would definitely be looking for this in the future.

After eating it was still only 4:30 so we walked around a little and found ourselves on the beach, Hadd Rin. Pretty sure this is the beach where the Full Moon parties are held.

Our son, Paden has been to a couple of them. Well actually only one. The second one he planned to attend got canceled as the King of Thailand died the week before. All parties and drinking in the open were cancelled for at least a month afterwards. They already had their reservations for the island so still came and partied quietly on the beach. Turns out there is a Half Moon party tomorrow night. Tickets are an insane price of 1500 baht. About $63 Cdn. Count us out! Apparently the Full Moon party is basically free. A small clean up fee is charged. The full moon organization even seems to have their own alcohol line. There were other beverages also.

Caught the sun setting and stopped in for a beverage, a margarita and a mojito. Both were pretty good by Thailand standards for cocktails.

Every day I seem to see something that amuses me. What would I do with a free toilet? LOL.

We made our way back to the hotel and in for an early night. We have an early pickup for a full day excursion booked for tomorrow.

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