23 April 2018 – Sydney, Australia – Day 2 – Lots of Walking – AGAIN!

Headed off walking this morning with no particular destination and stumbled upon a Starbucks. As good a place as any to grab some breakfast. This was after all our first Starbucks in Australia!!

Can’t say I have ever seen rainbow bagels before.

There was a little excitement going on as we exited. Fire engines and emergency vehicles arriving at the next block. Looked like there was fire starting in the apartment building.

We also saw articulated busses here. Have never seen them any where but at home in Ottawa before. Guessing they don’t have the same issues here in Sydney that we do in the winter with the busses getting stuck and jackknifing because of the Snow and Ice!

That was enough excitement for one day and we headed over to check our Hyde Park.

Is HP for Harry Potter? That was actually my first thought when I saw this though.

Here is the Anzac Memorial that commemorates the courage, endurance and sacrifice of the Australian men and women who serve their country in war.

Looking at the Anzac Memorial across the Pool of Reflection

Thou didst let fall

This memorial on the land of the Gadigal clan pays tribute to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have defended our country – the unsung heros, our brothers and sisters, our mates.

Can’t say I have ever seen a sign stating this before.

St Mary’s Cathedral and there was a wedding photo shoot going on.

The inside was spectacular.

To all Australians who died in war

It was such a beautiful area.

“This fountain is the gift of the Late J.F. Archibald to his fellow countryman and is intended in terms of his Will to commemorate the Association of Australia and France in the Great War 1914 -1918. It was erected in 1932 and is the work of Francis Sicard, Sculptor, Paris”

From here we started to head towards Darling Harbour. Came across another church, St James Church. St James is Sydney’s oldest surviving church building.

St James Church
This church, intended in 1819 as a court house, was designed by Fancis Greenway and consecrated by the Rev. Samuel Marsden
on 11 February 1824

We made it to Darling Harbour and decided it was time for a bite to eat and maybe a beverage. Still haven’t quite got the hang of ordering in restaurants here, with no waiters/waitresses serving you, so we sat and observed for a few moments until we figured out what we had to do.

And we both opted for the Greek Salad. It was really good. Nice to have a good salad as it had been a while. Didn’t really eat salads in SE Asia, as we couldn’t trust that the vegetables were washed in good water.

We also had a nice view.

After lunch, we continued to explore the area, taking lots of pictures.

We walked through the shopping mall that was here and came upon The British Lolly SHOP and they had so many candies. So many that I remember from our trips to England.

But these really caught my eye. Who names their candy Acid Drops?

It was time to head back to the hotel to relax. We grabbed ice cream cones and crossed over the Foot Bridge heading back.

All rested up we went in search of dinner. But before dinner, we decided we would go to the hotels bar, The Cidery, for our free drink. One free glass of wine turned into purchasing a second glass. It was quite nice in here and relaxing in comfortable chairs. Quite busy as there appeared to be an office party going on here.

Time to head down to the World Square below the hotel.

Found a Coles store there. Turns out this Coles is a grocery store and not a book store like at home. They had the cutest cake though.

A vending machine for flip flops, or as they are called in Australia, thongs.

We came across another Guzman Gomez “take out” or as they would say “take away” and once again chose to have Mexican for dinner. We took it away, back to our room, ate and relaxed watching tv and Netflix.

Our day isn’t complete until we have used a public washroom. This one was actually in the area of St Mary’s Cathedral. SE Asia signs would tell you NOT to place toilet paper in the toilet. Here they tell you NOT to place toilet paper in the garbage.

14,651 steps today. Goodnight.

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