11 February 2018 – Bangkok – Day 4 – Waterfront Property

Since we aren’t currently travelling, we are re reading our blog. Hope people enjoy it.

Old & Lost

Today we decided to take the Canal boat tour starting in old Bangkok at around 1030 hours (half an hour late – about on par for this City, but it allowed us the opportunity to watch a restaurant employee feed old pizza to the fish).

The ticket cost 200 baht (around $8 Cdn). It allowed on and off privileges for 6 stops from our stop (#6) in the old city to #1 in the new city.

We disembarked at stop #5 and toured around the peace monument…

…and then went to McDonald’s. We were ordering breakfast when the server shook her head “no” and turned and switched the overhead menu signs.

OK, not a real problem, but when we ordered coffee, she told us, “no coffee”! (THEY RAN OUT!! – unbelievable and there wasn’t even a riot). That was about 1100 hrs.

Back to the boat around 1130 hrs –…

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